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Nov. 6th, 2020 08:36 pm
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FREQUENCY: 013.07613
DESCRIPTION: Lars is a shitty millenial who's used to being glued to some kind of communicative device. His responses will probably be immediate most of the time, unless he's preoccupied or away.

LOCATION: Mailbox on Door
DESCRIPTION: Mail is best left in the provided mailbox of trailer 29. Lars is lazy, and probably a little depressed?, so he won't be great about keeping on top of this stuff, unless Kadin throws his mail at his face.


Nov. 6th, 2020 08:33 pm
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JOINED: 11/06
TRAILER: #29 with Strange

✧COMMON CHANGE: abnormal eye color, long pointed teeth, long and ultraviolet forked tongue, ultraviolet gums, amphibious flesh with dark brown along backside of limbs and torso w/ mottled green spots
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: none yet. PLANNED: long tail,
✵RARE CHANGE: none yet. PLANNED: the ability to breathe fire, protective/toxic skin mucus

1ST CONTRACT: he broke a game...

CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] poisonparfait, yipyap#0418 on discord, or PM this journal!

- 1 APHRODISIAC LUBRICANT FROM ATLANTIS, untouched and unopened. kind of an ironic purchase but don't look at it for the love of god
- ASSORTED MER-BLING: coral plugs, some fancy necklaces (that Lars just has hung up in his room), and a seashell choker made by Steven (kept in his nightstand)

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Name: jaz
Contact: [plurk.com profile] poisonparfait / trashyprince @ skype / yipyap#0418 @ discord
Other Characters: none

Character Name: Lars (/Laramie...)
Age: 18
Species: Human
Canon: Steven Universe
Canon Point: Fresh after The New Lars, aka episode 88
Character Info: A lil wiki link!
Personality: Lars is not very different from your typical, ornery teenaged boy. He likes dub-step, shitty junk food, and watching underground wrestling. Lars is lazy with very poor work ethic (clocks in late, clocks out early, shirks more difficult duties, plays hooky), and he’s very easily bored. He complains a lot, without being very proactive.

He’s mean--prone to laughing at others or insulting their personal qualities, and he’s very vocally judgmental. He once invited himself to a get-together that he made fun of, insulted the host, and then mocked the host at his doorstep.

On the flipside of these qualities, he’s very sensitive. He has an embarrassingly evident need to look cool, and rejects anything he feels would endanger that image. One canon example is how he broke off his friendship with Ronaldo (these insecurities have ruled him for an evidently long time), and another is that Lars doesn’t wear his standard snake shirt around his Cool Kid friends, since one of them said it was nasty looking. Before he was actually friends with the it crowd, he was so afraid of being judged negatively by them because Steven was approaching them on his behalf (against Lars’s will), he cried a little bit. Later, in the same episode, Lars blamed Steven for sabotaging his chances to befriend the same group after they were all consumed by a plant that Steven’s dead mother left behind, which was of course completely incorrect, self-centered, and small-minded.

In general, Lars is very selfish, and he doesn’t even seem to realize it--he’s always concerned about his own feelings and his own problems. “But what about ME?” kind of sums up his personality, honestly.

Lovelier yet, Lars hasn't always been above lying and manipulation. In one episode, Lars slipped on a puddle of spilled soda at work by accident, but then feigned a serious back injury to get the day off. This overburdened his friend and coworker Sadie while he goofed off with his it-crowd friends. He seemed sorry when he was confronted with how badly it hurt Sadie’s feelings, and even offered to help clean up the mess he indirectly caused--and owning up like that is rare for Lars. To make matters worse, he seems to be aware that Sadie has a crush on him. He used to affectionately refer to her as his “player two” to evoke her fond feelings so that she will let him slide with his shitty behavior. In fact, he did this in the same episode he skipped work by lying about his back injury! Lars seemed to learn his lesson; he often regrets his actions and doesn't repeat them. But I think if it were someone he didn't find so personally important, he wouldn't regret lying to them to get out of trouble or to get favors.

Lars is very socially anxious and insecure. He reacted with extreme embarrassment and panic when Steven tried to introduce him to the cool kids. He reacted similarly when he considered that people would judge him in the same way they judge his dorky ex-friend Ronaldo. He always worries about what people think about his actions and clothing. He won’t wear a shirt that he likes around the cool kids, he doesn’t like to be seen at the arcade, and he doesn’t like to be seen acting anything but aloof. The way he tears down other people is probably an extension of his insecurities. He always wants the upper hand in a situation, whether or not its necessary. He also tried to ditch Sadie for a cooler group of kids. He treats Seven similarly, even though he actually cares about and appreciates them both. As a kid, he was so afraid of being judged that he became the very same judgmental voice that he feared. He projected that voice onto others as well as himself. This is the driving force in how he polices his own appearance, friends, and choices.

Related to his insecurities, he’s defensive, and emotionally volatile. It doesn’t take much to make Lars angry, and he’s cried more than any other character aside from the actual child in the series. He cried while fleeing for his life from a gem monster after being stranded on an island for a couple weeks (which is a legitimately stressful situation, granted, but no one else cried), and just before that, he was sobbing because he was so home-sick and lonely. He also suddenly decided to make out with Sadie amidst all of his crying and bad feelings, which I think was an impulse reaction to his loneliness and fear. Before this, Lars literally threw his smart-phone into the ocean because he couldn’t get any bars. His actions are constantly short-sighted.

Anyway, as cheesy as it sounds, deep down, beneath his prickly, and unpleasant exterior, Lars is legitimately soft-hearted. He doesn’t handle conflict well; he prefers to bury his problems and walk away from them, rather than solving them. He often tries to right his wrongs, but in small ways, because he doesn’t like to let on too bluntly that he cares or is sorry. Feelings are decidedly uncool, in Lars’s book. This is also why Lars seems to be, according to Sadie, a nice guy “once you get to know him." This means that Lars can be thoughtful and kind, but only when he feels like he’ll be safe from judgement. Definitely a one on one sort of thing with him.

Additionally, Lars doesn’t seem to understand what he wants or what he needs, and much like a dumb pokemon, often hurts himself in this confusion. He says he feels lonely, even when he’s around other people, and it seems like Lars’s motivation as a character is trying to resolve this emptiness inside him--but so far, he isn’t taking the right path. He’s working on developing friendships within the it crowd as a way to advance his image, and he thinks that this will end his restlessness and unhappiness. He wants to feel accepted, but he’s too afraid of what other people think to pursue more meaningful connections. The prime examples of wrecked relationships are Sadie and Ronaldo, who both obviously meant a lot to him, and sustain/sustained him emotionally. Lars is always at war with his own interests and needs. His desired company isn’t necessarily his needed company.

Although he was alone with Steven and Sadie on that island, and Lars was upset, stressed, and missed his home, he seemed more relaxed than we'd ever seen him before. He was full of natural smiles (which are super rare from him), a desire to contribute to their little community, and immersed in the platonic intimacy he seems to coyly crave. He seems his happiest when he lets people in, but he has a really hard time trusting people with his vulnerabilities under normal circumstances enough to do that.

Abilities: Being a normal human teenaged boy, Lars is generally kind of useless. He can apparently cook pretty well and is relatively resourceful, but that's about it. His canon's almost gotten him killed a handful of times, and I'd wager to say moreso than the other human characters, so maybe I can say he's pretty tenacious as well, despite hating adversity. He's like a lil cockroach.

Soul Colour: Pink
Ideal Jobs: Ride jockey
Relevant Experience: Customer interaction, exchanging services for currency ("currency" in this case would be tickets, I guess...), a general apathy and hatred for existence
Reason for Joining: He was feeling especially low, learning that he doesn't really have any friends except for some magical child and someone who is kind of also his romantic interest, so he was especially feeling the desire to get the hell out of Beach City for a much needed change. Against his better judgement, decided to go check out some carnival--though he'd never seen a carnival in Beach City before, and it definitely had some weird supernatural vibes.

Trying to get his mind off stuff, deciding to just roll with this carnival he couldn't really figure out how to leave, he decided to blow off some steam and ski ball. Either he really sucked at it, or the game was rigged, but either way, Lars ended up getting frustrated after trying at it for literally way too long--so he got up to grab a prize himself, the one he felt he deserved. Of course, carnival workers had to wrestle him off the ski ball machine ramp--Lars struggled, being in the middle of his tantrum, and ended up falling onto a neighboring game machine--which he broke, irreparably. After a lot of cajoling, Lars agreed to work to pay for the replacement of the broken game.

- An intro!
- Well more than 10 comments from Lars in a PSL!


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give it to me! anon is enabled, IP logging is off.

alternatively to posting on this entry, you can contact me on poisonparfait@plurk, or send me a PM on this account.
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[Sadie left Beach City for university about three years ago. Lars was alright for the first few months, but then increasingly realized that his shitty beach town had nothing to offer him—such was always his ornery opinion, but Sadie was a silver lining he grew too reliant on. So it was less that Lars was specifically codependent on Sadie and more that he'd always hated the town he grew up in. He needed to get out there and experience shit too! Sadie couldn't be the only one getting the opportunity to stretch her legs.

Didn't mean he didn't resent her for leaving, though, even if it was for personal betterment. They hadn't ever really reached any mutual closure of any kind, and he definitely did selfishly express that he felt left behind. As is predictable, they had sort of a falling out. And they kept loosely in touch after the tension faded, but that didn't do anything for the lonely anxiety eating up Lars from the inside out.

So he did what any small town kid fallen victim to crisis of identity would do and fled to Empire City, and had been living there for about four years. Sadie and Lars catch up once a month or two, usually when she was procrastinating on her studies. Lars meanwhile was partying with strangers all over the big city, rotating questionable friend circles, making weird personal discoveries about himself... It wasn't a wholly useless experience, but Lars was feeling himself burn out.

Being broke all the time was losing its appeal, and Lars realized recently that all his friends were sort of garbage human beings. He missed Steven, Sadie, Jenny, Buck, Sour Cream and...basically everyone in Beach City. He hadn't even visited. There was a weird anxiety about coming back, seeming like a different guy and... having everyone comment on it.

Finally, one night, when Lars had had a really bad night with his roommates after an equally bad shift at his even worse job, Lars just shoved all his shit into an oversized backpack and duffel bag respectively (his roommate's, which he decided he would be stealing). He also stole some other non essential items from his roommates, just to spite them, like some clothing items he was envious of and some stuff he could sell.

Aaand then he got on a bus, once he cashed what his employer didn't know would be his final paycheck. He felt smug and exhilarated, pleased to have a nice handful of cash to himself that wouldn't immediately be eaten up by rent, off scott free from the grip of the city. Cuttin' ties wasn't as difficult as people made it out to be.

As he rides in the Bolt Bus down to Beach City, Lars rudely has his knees in the personal space of the person next to him without even noticing—and he fails to pick up their passive aggressive behavior about their personal space, because he's on his phone and has his headphones in. It's about 5pm.

He decides to shoot Sadie a text. She isn't specifically why he wants to go back to Beach City—he wants to catch up with everyone in general. After all, he doesn't even know she's there right now.]

>Hey so jw
>When do you thinks the next time you'll be in Beach City?